I use the Olympus 25mm f/1.8 (US link) (UK link). This lens is amazing. Amazing. It enables me to get that shallow depth of field (blurry foreground and background, pin-sharp focal-point) that is so essential in food photography. It is also very 'fast' meaning it lets in a lot of light; thereby allowing me to have a fast shutter speed and so suffering less from blurred images.


I use Adobe Lightroom for the major, broad edits of my photographs, followed by touch-ups and polishing in Adobe Photoshop. I get them both on a great deal for £10.10 per month. Here's the US link with a similar monthly price.


I love my chef's knife. Love love love it. It's the perfect balance between being better than a blunt own-brand £9.99 one and not leaving a hole in your wallet. It's not only me either, it averages 4.8 stars out of 5 from 5000 Amazon reviews. Probably because it's very sharp, versatile, durable and easily washed. Plus, I don't feel worried chucking it about as it's a great price: $45 or £24.50. Here's the UK link and US one.

Oh, and I like to keep it sharp with a pull-through knife sharpener, which is a lot easier than a traditional knife-sharpener. UK link / US link.

Hey there.

I'm so pleased you're visiting my blog.

Who am I? I am a 21 22-year-old food-obsessed, dog-loving, photography nerd. That sums it up pretty nicely because I love cooking and also enjoy the science behind it (knowing why something happens!). As you can see from the image on the right, my trusty (edit: naughty) companion and best friend Max keeps an eye on me most of the time. Recently I have become fully vegan.

Why am I doing this? Discover Delicious is about exploration and discovery; I find the most creative thing I do is cook and I'd love to show you my approach to food.

What's more, in 2013 I fell ill with M.E. (otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Since then I have been finding out what's really important in life, discovering my true passions, and fingers crossed I will come out the other side stronger.

What kind of food will I find here? I tend to be attracted to obscure ingredients and less-than-conventional recipes. If you find an ingredient on my page you don't have, don't be afraid to substitute or play around with the recipe.

On this site you'll find healthy (mostly), delicious (I hope), vegan food. There's nothing I dislike much, but if I had to pick my desert island ingredient, it'd be either hummus or peanut butter. However I recently discovered almond butter which threw a spanner in the works... oh and I have a wicked sweet tooth so most of my recipes leave a bit of room for pudding.

I'd love to hear what you think of the site so do leave a comment, or email me on

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